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On the 4th day of the Russian invasion, Karo Glazer (vocalist, composer and producer) together with Michal Rosicki (acclaimed producer) the appeal was from the metro in Kyiv and from Lviv, for support and solidarity from Polish artists for the victims of the ongoing war. Their reaction was immediate and within a few hours, the duo had mobilized their fellow artists and so the campaign ARTISTS FOR PEACE was started.


"Both Michal and I felt we couldn't just sit and do nothing. The appeal was directed at us and we couldn't pretend we hadn't heard it. We both have friends in Ukraine and Russia and so we set to work and within a short time we had achieved more than we could have ever imagine! No-one said no to us! " -  Karo Glazer.

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“It was the fastest recording and production we had ever participated in. The teenege girls recorded a piano duet, whilst the others were finishing off the lyrics. We knew time was of the essence” – Michal Rosicki.

Within the next few days, artists of the highest calibre and from different genres such as Marcin Gałażyn, Dominik Strycharski, Miguel Czachowski, Piotr Steczek, Ania Broda, Hania Derej, Marcin Lamch, Marek “Hans” Łukaszczyk, Krzysztof Nowakowski, Michał Sosna, Jarek Spałek, Remek Zawadzki, Piotr Czyja, Michael Jones, Maja Giedwiłło, Justyna Grzyb, Kasia Idzikowska, Klaudia Majkowska, Kasia Szczypska, Martina Tiszbierek, a string and brass section, hammered dulcimer, accordion, flutes, flamenco guitar and  an 11 year old girl from Ukraine called Monika Glazer who arrived in Poland on the 4th day of the war. Fabulous mix of the sounds from East and West.

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At the same time, a friend of Karo's, Alexey Torgunakov who is a ballet dancer and ex soloist from the Bolshoi Theatre, escaped from Moscow. For a few days he went underground and many feared he would never return to Poland. He finally reached Warsaw via Kaliningrad, and made his way straight to Poznan, to his friend Alisa Makarenko, an incredible dancer and choreographer from Kherson.


This story moved us that much, that we decided not to limit ourselves to only music and we invited them to take part in ARTISTS FOR PEACE – a Russian and a Ukrainian – Alexey and Alisa. Our friends decided to face the war between the two countries, which despite the propaganda, and become a symbol of love, which is the language we should be using right now.

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With the help of ASP Katowice, Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School, Cinelight and MAQ Records, exactly two weeks after writing the song, we recorded the video. Except for leading dancer - Alexey and Alisa, over thirty dancers from different countries took part of the video.


The project was done on a NON-PROFIT basis thanks to the help of some wonderful people, friends and institutions who gave their time, energy and even money.

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The song “Hand in Hand” which will be used for promoting ARTISTS FOR PEACE to overcome all conflicts. We need to learn again how to cooperate with each other and inspire those who have been affected by years of propaganda. The war which broke out beyond our eastern border showed quite clearly how easy it is to push two friendly nations towards war. Only by working together, can we show the whole world our willingness to come together (including the Russians).

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The song “Hand in Hand” will be available worldwide on different streaming platforms and the video will be on Youtube. There will be different versions of the song sung in different languages and played by different musicians.

Remix it, make an alternate version with different instruments, a different language version, new video, new choreography, etc and spread it through the world. All stems, notes, arrangements, and whatever you need will be shared at no cost.

If you feel our song could help you with different campaigns with aims such as: humanitarian, educational, social, aid. We can help by sharing our material with you. Contact us here: